About us

How it began:

Imagine a classroom with a big table for the teacher, surrounded by a lot of curious, 12 - 15 years old puple. A big bulging briefcase was opened by our teacher in this times, mr. Günther W. Fricke. The weekly market of tin figures was opened.
Romans, knights, soldiers and people of all nations made of tin changed their owners. So it happened in autumn 1979 in Wernigerode.

So we too began collecting flats in the classical way, painting blank figures, going on studying costumes just to construct dioramas.

Since those days we - Wolfgang Bock and Mike Michaelis are ardent friends of the 30mm flat figure.
Our shared hobby covers broadly the most different facets of the creative handling of the fine 30mm flat figure.

Wolfgang Bock Manufactory
Owner, engraver, castings and shipping

Area of collectors interest:
30-jears war
english civil war
american civil war

Wolfgang Bock

Mike Michaelis Area of collectors interest:
german military history of the 19th century
american civil war

Mike Michaelis



Tin figure fairs

Devellopment of the manufactory:

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